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Johnston Development Company has been in the construction industry for over 50 years.  We work closely with our customers to not only provide a pleasing design, but ensure an energy efficient building within budget.

During the last 40 years our specialty has been the construction of church facilities. We have completed more than 60 major church projects across many different denominations throughout Iowa.

Johnston Development also designs and builds single and multi-family homes as well as commercial facilities.

We enlist the services of a licensed architect prior to beginning the design process on all commercial projects. Where required by Iowa law, a licensed architect oversees and certifies all final plans.

Photos of completed projects can be viewed on our website: church projects, custom homes, commercial project.  Contact us with any questions or comments.

Cross Roads


President: Robert Johnston   515-967-4417

Vice President: Tom Johnston  e-mail: tjohnston@johnstondevelopment.com

Vice President/Treasurer: Nancy Hopper e-mail: nhopper@johnstondevelopment.com

Design/Project Management:

    Lowell Andeberg  e-mail: landeberg@johnstondevelopment.com

    David Johnston  e-mail: DavidJohnston@johnstondevelopment.com